What to pack for a comfortable climb:


Baggage and Sleeping
o Duffel bag to be carried by your porter – large enough for all climbing gear and clothing.
o An extra bag with all your remaining belongings that will be left at the hotel or in our office.
o Small luggage lock – to lock the zippers on the bag left in the hotel
o Day backpack (with elastic waterproof cover)



o Quick dry T-shirts
o Underwear
o Lightweight hiking trouser (avoid heavy cotton, they don’t dry quickly)
o Fleece (middle layer)
o Thermal underwear (under layers)
o Waterproof, breathable and windproof jacket
o Waterproof, breathable and windproof pants
o Insulated down jacket for summit night (parka)
o One pair thermal socks
o Mittens or warm gloves
o Waterproof gloves
o Good quality hiking socks and thin liner socks Waterproof hiking boots – sturdy and worn-in. Extra shoelaces
o Comfortable shoes for overnight camps (running shoes, sneakers, etc.)
o Sun hat to protect head, ears and neck



o Headlamp with Extra Batteries
o Water Bottles and Camelback (3 litter carrying capacity)
o Sunglasses
o Camera with extra memory card and extra batteries
o Watch
o Playing Cards
o Hand Warmers (optional)
o Pocket Knife
o Notebook and Pen
o High energy snack (Cereal, protein bars, chocolate, trail mix, dried fruit)


o Toothbrush and toothpaste
o Quick-dry wash cloths and soap
o Toilet Paper
o Tissues
o High SPF Sun-block
o Lip Balm with SPF
o Sunglasses with UV-filter lenses
o Lotion
o Sanitary Wipes/Wet Wipes
o Blister Kit
o Tweezers
o Nail Clippers
o Deodorant
o Hair brush/Comb
o Sanitary Products
o Vaseline to prevent chafing skin and heel friction blister
o Antiseptic
o Pain Killers (Ibuprofen)
o Decongestant
o Diamox or High Altitude Medication (optional, please consult with your doctor)
o Anti-diarrhea Medicine
o Malaria pills ( if you choose to take these)
o Cold/Flu Tablets
o Any medication you normally use
o Dioralyte sachets or similar rehydration packs
o Throat Lozenge
o Eye drops (spare Contact Lenses and fluid, if worn)
o Water purification tablets / Iodine drops
o Ear Plugs
o Plastic bags (for dirty washing, wrapping, etc.)